Since 2008 The Cozy Club has evolved into a unique concept of welcoming like minded ladies into my home. They are presented with a seasonal project with all materials provided. Tea, coffee home made cookies and a delicious home cooked lunch is served. All this, together with a special take home gift make the day very special to those who have attended. Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm and be prepared to make new friends.


  • Cozy Club is the most wonderful place to go, totally enjoyable from start to finish and leaving you wanting to go back for more, you feel really welcomed by chris when you arrive, You will be so excited to go again and everyone is so lovely and we all have a really good chat.
    Jane Pusey
  • I look forward so much to my Cozy Club days. It is a haven, with lovely ladies, yummy food and at the end an amazing creation (that often my family cannot believe I actually made!). When I first started coming I was worried as I don't feel like a very creative person, but there is always help and although we all start with the same items we all end up with something lovely and personal. I absolutely love Cozy Club and would really recommend it to others.
    Jennifer Marshall
  • Cozy club is for me a little taste of heaven...sitting besides new and old friends, we chat, drink tea, eat delicious home baked wonders and we craft! Chris is warm and ever welcoming. Her craft for the day is beautifully laid out and we set too.....making something we would never have the time for, or the bits for, or have ever thought up in the first place..and its done in a day!
    Fiona Campbell
  • My 'cozy club' day absolutely lifts my spirits like nothing else. It is a day full of creativity, friendship, gorgeous food, and beautiful friendships. On this day laundry, school runs, work and the stress of life is set aside for a few hours while we retreat in Chris' welcoming and cozy home!
    Monica Cattermole
  • Some of my favourite days have even spent hidden away at the Cozy Club chatting away with Chris and friends, sipping cups of coffee and munching on homemade treats. Lunch is always the highlight and often we try to guess what's on the menu purely through the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. Chris never fails to serve up a feast and seconds is always a must.
    Natalie Blayney